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My goal is to die young at a very advanced age.

This explains why my older characters play active roles in their lives. Also important to me is
avoiding chronic immaturity in younger characters.

Having only daughters, granddaughters, and a sister, I tend to write from a female point of view.
However, that doesn't mean men aren't among my readers.

The 3 books of The Women of Lakeshore Drive series are WHEN LEAST EXPECTED, YESTERDAY
 TO TOMORROW, and THE FEMALE DESCENDANT. Although written as Women's Fiction for the
baby boomer generation, readers of all ages become immersed in the stories. Find these books on
your favorite eBook site and in paperback on Amazon.

Anna's Legacy is an ongoing serial about a 21-year-old college student who receives an unusual
inheritance. Published episodes, available on Kindle, include BEGINNING, JANUARY, FEBRUARY,
MARCH, APRIL, and MAY. No doubt you can guess titles of upcoming episodes.

THAT GIFT! is a quick read on Kindle. Mature couples identify with this sweet love story.