Meet Sheryl Fawcett

     Sheryl was born Sheryl Black, grew up primarily in Knoxville,
Iowa, and attended Grinnell College.  She married her high school
sweetheart, Rich Fawcett.  Today they live in Omaha, Nebraska.
Together they raised two daughters, welcomed their sons-in-law
into the family, and were blessed by four granddaughters.
     Her career path has ranged from owning and operating a dance
school to selling residential real estate, with the intervening years
busy with volunteer work.  She is a true believer in "60" being the
new "40", and has been heard saying she 'intends to die young at
a very advanced age.'
     She has written from time to time throughout her adult life, both
fiction and non-fiction pieces, and now is able to devote more time
to her writing.
     When Least Expected is her first published work.

Sheryl Fawcett - author 

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